Castillo Valle Chilean Wine

The Castillo Valle range is rich in heritage and reflects regal power.  A collection of 5 stylish, varietal wines sourced from Chile.  

Offering a mature feel to suit a more discerning pallet.  The full-bodied flavour and stylish gold labelling gives these wines a prestigious, almost regal feel that will have you dreaming of far away castles steeped in the valleys of Chile.

The range of white wines includes Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and a Merlot Rose, which are light, fruity and crisp.

The red wines selected are Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, both are well-bodied and perfectly rounded.

All of these wines can be enjoyed with meals but are just as easy to drink on their own on any occasion.

Take a closer look at the range below.


This wine displays a bright colour with a green reflection. On the nose its elegant, fresh character comes forward, mingling with notes of grapefruit, pear, oral accents and scents of tropical fruit like pineapple.


This wine displays a pale yellow colour that is indicative of the protection from oxygen that characterised the winemaking process.


A brilliant, lively and clear wine, medium salmon in colour. A complex nose of grapefruit, strawberries, granadilla, guava and peppery nasturtium excites one’s senses. Leaving a lingering palate of pomegranate and berry fruits.


With a deep and beautiful ruby red colour. The nose seduces with a beautiful range of aromas of dried fruit like plums and figs.


On the nose, the first impression is spicy, followed by ripe blackcurrant and blackberry aromas and a light touch of mint.