Experienced & Aware


During our years within the retail and wholesale drinks industries we envisioned developing new drink products which provide a credible alternative to the “bigger brands”.

Our passion and drive is to seek innovation and deliver dynamic brands that personify the lifestyle of the modern consumer and trends. With a strong customer and consumer focus we ensure our products are a perfect fit for consumer and market.

We are always on the lookout for exciting new products which push the envelope and our criteria for this is simple - impactful and stylish branding combined with quality, ultimately delivering the best value.

We can’t do all this by ourselves, so we take great pride in developing and maintaining relationships with suppliers and customers who care and mutually share our vision for real and profitable brand success.

Our ever-expanding network of diverse customers includes cash and carry’s, national and independent retailers, who deliver our products to a growing reach of satisfied consumers.

We have successfully taken on the challenges of developing products from sourcing (looking for a product which excites us) to the complexities in new product development. Our overall experience in branding, marketing to importing and ultimately delivering sales makes us good at what we do. 

To date we have successfully launched a number of brands and continue to expand our portfolio with innovative and unique products.